‘Angel of DEATH’

An unsolved mystery,

Death hovers over us,

Taunting and teasing – that

He will soon pay a visit.

An uninvited guest,

Death comes and goes,

As he pleases, and

Collects all the souls.

In the end, we all are

Just a pawn,

In his simple game. A name,

In his long list.

When the time comes,

We have to go away,

Nor can we resist, or can we pay,

When he comes,

We have to walk with him

To the endless tunnel and

Become a lost dot in the

Human map.

Gone. Vanished.



A/N: And all these fights for superiority, hunger for power, desire for wealth, it is all for naught. Death will capture us all, eradicate our existence and we become nothing in the end.


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