‘The Art Of Letting Go…’

Let go of the dark nights, to
Find a new, brighter dawn…

Sometimes, we must learn to let go. Let go of unwanted things, that tie us down with its burdens. Letting go is harder, of course, but sometimes holding on brings lot of depressing memories and bothersome bruises. Holding on, may, sometimes, even destroy the essence of us and damage us from the root.

Be it a person, or an unwanted memory, letting go can solve many problems. Psychologically, letting go is the hardest job out there. People, sometimes, take drugs and medications to find a way to let go. Yes. It is that hard. After holding on for so long, it will take lots of effort to let go. It will take a part of us. Those parts that keep us stable… We might even fear the aftermath of letting go. Scared that we will fall apart if we let go. But… The outcome may be something you haven’t expected. It may become something better.

The outcome of letting go may bring you the happiness that you’ve tried hard to find. The outcome of letting go may find holes in your walls and shine the sunrise through them, and disperse your darkness. The outcome of letting go may stop the storm brewing at the depth of your heart and bring serenity.

‘I’d never smoke again.’ Chain-smokers often talk about letting go of that thing, which can stab them in the back and kill them, but… Even after thousand promises, they go back to the cigarette, knowing that it will kill. Because it is harder to let go of it, once we become connected with it.

We all are like chain-smokers. Always holding on to things, even after we made thousand promises of giving it up. Always holding on to those things, that will someday kill our happiness and steal our smiles. Holding on to the things that will, one day, ultimately, end the brighter morn in our life.

We continue to smoke, even after reading a big book about the effects of smoking.

Our memories, bad memories – they are the killers. They murder our smile. Leach our happiness out. Derail us. And then drown us inside the salty taste of tears. We know… We know, if we let go of those memories, we can become a better person. We can become happy. But we hold on, obstinately. Because… Yes, it is harder to let go.

Some people in our life bring misery along with them. Like a bad smell, they bring gloom and depression wherever they go. They cut us with words. Stab us with harsh comments. Break our self-esteem. Ruin our happy days. These people, if we let them go, we know, we will be happy and cheerful. But we hold on, trying hard not to get hurt on a day-to-day basis. Because… Yes, it is harder to let go.

Letting go is easier in words. Difficult when we try it with actions. But we must learn that art. It is a difficult process – learning the art of letting go.

That person we want to let go might be the one who had once brought us a lot of happiness.

The memories we want to let go might be that one memory that can’t be erased however we tried.

But… Moving forward to find new happiness means letting go of the past ones, which would burden you. Moving forward to find new future can only become possible, if you let go of the old days that had shattered you.

And tell yourself: ‘I deserve more. I deserve only happiness.’

You do deserve only the best things. So let go of bitter things in your life.

Let go… Of everything you didn’t want and start to enjoy a new, more-improved, happier life.

Happy letting go 🙂



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