Title : An interview with mr. Ex

Link : https://m.dreame.com/novel/3337821696.html

“Jade?” He whispered, his voice hoarse and breathy. “How much are you going to pay me to kiss you?”

“Everything. I am willing to part with everything. For once, I actually want to know how kissing would make me feel. I don’t want to keep dreaming about that anymore.”

“If I kiss you, is it going to be your first kiss?”

“Yes.” She whispered, feeling almost shy, but still she didn’t back off.

“Go, Jade. You will be late for your class.” He said, his voice distant.

“Why? You are the one who wanted to play this game.” She said as she looked at him with accusing eyes. “Now that you know I haven’t kissed anyone, you don’t want to kiss me?”

“A first kiss is something special. If I kiss you now, you will feel something for me. It will change the way you look at me, and I am not ready for anyone to look at me in that way. I am giving you an easy out. Take it. Go.”

“You have a God complex. You don’t have to worry about my heart. I have read all the terms and conditions and I am signing willingly.”

“You promise you won’t get hungover on this kiss? Do not attach emotions with this kiss. This is only physical, okay?”

“I won’t. It will be just a kiss.” She said sternly as she took a step closer to him.

“You only get three minutes for your money.” He whispered the words as he closed the distance between them.

“Romantic.” She sighed and the words get lost inside his lips as he pressed a soft kiss on her lips.

She looked into his big gorgeous grey eyes sparkling with desire and her heart thundered. She whispered his name in the silence and he groaned.

His kiss turned passionate and hurried, as if he couldn’t take the slow torture anymore.

“You can touch me.” He breathed out. “Touch me now, I want to feel your hands inside my shirt.”


“One long overdue conversation with one sexy as hell Ex-husband!”

Jade and Jared had once been in love, the kind of crazy, stupid love that made them both burn hotter, shine brighter. The kind of love that broke cages, and definitions, that was so big to contain in such small hearts.

He taught her how to become her own woman, she taught him how to open his heart. He gave her power, she offered him innocence. Their love story was phenomenal and when it crashed and burned, they burned along with it and the ashes stayed forever.

A misunderstanding, a betrayal, a lie and their love was shattered. Stupid and young, they broke the special kind of love.

Four years later… fate is offering them a second chance, but they are still trapped in their misgivings and still nursing their broken egos and hearts, still so blind and stubborn to see and feel and know each other.

Jade has to interview Jared Wilson. Billionaire CEO, handsome devil, arrogant jerk, the forbidden fruit made out of desire and lust. She could go on. It is her job. She has done it a million times.
Jared is being interviewed by Jade Thompson. Cheater, bad wife, sexy as sin, temptation from hell, Satan’s little seductress. He could go on. It is just an interview. He has done it a million times. But it is not easy for both of them, because it is not just another interview.

More misunderstanding, more lies, more heartbreaks knocks on their tightly shut hearts.

Their love is beautiful, magnificent, but Jade and Jared are not easy people. They are made of their monsters and angels, their past heartbreaks and wounds, and with every turn, they are hellbent on refusing themselves. Their already fragile love, will it break again? Or this time, will it become strong and survive their ego and stubbornness?

Can this interview be the answer to their prayers? Or will it become their way back to heartbreak town?


One long awaited conversation with one sexy ex-husband.

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