Almost 20 years of friendship. Long years, filled with occasional outbursts and lasting fights. Happy years, filled with memories that can never be replaced by anything else.

You are, at first, just a friend.

When life hands me a bad, bad message, I want you there. To just be. To be who you have always been to me. Even if I could never share that particular news, share my deepest feelings, just talking with you about something else helps, too. And that… That is my blessing.

I had always been the kind of person who was so closed off. You opened me up. And I am thankful for that. For befriending me, even though I couldn’t remember how it happened. For giving me a world that was filled with happiness and wonderful memories.

You, became a great friend along the line.

Some days, I wonder where I would be without you… and that place, I knew, wouldn’t be a good place for me to be.

You are my comfort in harsh and cold days. You are something of a prayer answered by Allah, and no matter how hard I try, I can not ever tell you how very much you mean to me.

Some days, this life bewilders me. Some days, I can not stop crying about the unfairness of it all. Some days, it is hard for me to even open my eyes and go about in doing everyday chores. And those days, just the reminder of you can pull me up from the pit.

You, now, are my best friend.

We smile. We laugh. We hurt each other, too, of course. We fight. We squabble. We share stories. We keep secrets for each other. Sometimes from each other as well, but what the heck. We are amazing.

Our story is kind of a long, long one. But it had never stopped being important even after long years.

Behind every scribbled notes and whispered I love you’s, behind every promises and secrets, behind every tears and smiles, we both have a shared connection. A history.

No one can replace it. Replace you. Maybe for you, someone else can, but never for me.

We are a pair. We have always been. A classic. Like Starsky & Hutch. Scooby & Shaggy.

20 long years…

First a friend.

Then a best buddy.

Then a sister.

Then a soul mate.

20 long years…

First of childish laughter.

Then of whispered conversations.

Then of important chats.

Then of dark secrets.

20 long years and I hope of more to come.

Stay happy. Stay healthy.

Stay, forever, a friend. My friend.

Love you. Tomorrow. Today. And always.



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