Sometimes, when I was sitting with people and talking about things, and then suddenly the talk takes a turn… Unwanted turn… Unappreciated turn. Sometimes… Some people do talk about the most stupidest stuffs they can come up with. (I mean, I am not in a hurry to fill the awkward silence with words that come out of some seriously offensive people!)

Some talk about how my son is not of my color and how my niece is not of her mom’s, I always wonder…

“Is this the most important, most life changing topic we can think about right now? Seriously?”

And if I have been a little bit rude, I would have shouted at their faces…

“Shut up and grow some brain cells. It is the 20th century.”

And it is really sad that we still talk about fair and dark and skin complexion with the obsession of the world that had once been too stuck in foolish ideals and ideas. It is really, really unfortunate that we still have to talk about ‘how it is rude and just plain tasteless to talk about skin complexion’.

It offends me when people– even people who calls themselves sensible and modern and intelligent– give into such shallow, superficial thoughts and feelings.

Is this what we want to teach our future generation? About how their color will affect their place in the world?

I hope not.

Isn’t it rude and tactless to talk about such shallow, such unintelligent perspective, when some of the others are going through seriously life changing problems?

If the color of your kids’ skin or my kids’ skin is the only biggest problem in your life… I want to say, “be thankful for such shallow problems and stop being effing ungrateful.”

Because there are people out there who doesn’t have time or energy to discuss about their kids’ skin color (or yours, for that matter) with others. There are people out there whose life revolves around much bigger, much heartbreaking issues.

If you have ever talked with me about skin color, never ever do the same again.

I might not have said anything, but at that particular moment, I would have thought of you as shallow, ridiculous and… Just plain wrong. And maybe next time, I wouldn’t be silent. I don’t want that, I don’t want to be rude to anyone.

So, please, don’t offend my sensibilities and my thoughts, by playing that year old “color” card in front of me. Never ever again.

If you are Reading this and if it echoes with you, next time, think twice before talking about skin color with me (or anyone). Better yet, always think twice before talking about anything.

Because… Better keep quiet if you don’t have anything good to say.

May this new year brings newer changes in the old and outdated thoughts, that only belongs at the bottom of the trashcan.

Eager to hear what's in your mind :)

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