I fall in love… Every day, every moment… With someone, in every single book I read…



 The name I have given myself is Ada (Which means expression) and I’ve been addicted to words for years now. My journey with words is filled with magical moments, with loads of laughter, happiness and of course, tears. I’d love to contaminate you with the magic dust of words. Come let us traverse this space in a word-stick and discover new dreams. – Mad poet!

More about me…

I am the bookworm and this is my Harbour. I recently turned 25 (getting older) and I exist in a colorful plethora of dreams. I am from Mars. Umm. Okay, not really. I’m from India. Ordinary, right? So, I use to say I am from Mars…

I’m an Engineer with an unused electronics and communication degree. I’m a self-confessed chocoholic and a bookaholic. I love creating a new world with brushes – my words. I love to splatter the world and its residents with the magical hues of words, varnishing the raw edges off with glossy lyrics. Words are my respite; my safe haven—the place, where I often go to hide, when the real world bother me. 

I tend to have ADHD. Nope, not really. But, When I skip from one book to another (especially one with beautiful cover page), or from one job to another, I will assume that it’s the reason for my short attention span. May be, who knows!!!

Thanks for the halt. Have a great day, Buddies… 🙂




23 thoughts on “About

  1. I usually never stop by to tell people what I think of their blog as a whole, considering it is such a personal thing, and deserves nothing but the most honest thoughts. However, your blog is just beautiful and sounds like a place I will visit quite often in the future! Keep writing and I shalt keep reading! 🙂

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    1. Hi Anumshafique, thanks… And its a pleasure to hear from you. I have beem visiting and reading your posts for a while now and loved (honest to God) every thing about it.


  2. Beautiful micropoetry! For.some reason i couldnt comment on the posts themselves but thought to let you know here! As always, your poems are a pleasure to read!
    Take care
    -Anum 🙂


  3. Hi Ada! You are super creative, your writings, your knowledge about varoius writing styles, the interesting manner of writing your name differently at the end of each piece… everything.
    And I see that you have published your own book as well.
    Kudos to you!


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