Success is always subjective… Failure is not the end result…

This here are some of my proud moments in writing journey, the moments I felt I have achieved something.

Don’t we all love for someone to acknowledge our writing?

I am happy blogging gave me some great crowning moments to celebrate…

Some of my winning entries, the links, and proud array of badges…

# Banquet and Borosils – Perfect mix of delight and grandeur  for My Beautiful Food! contest by IndiBlogger



# Banquet and Borosils -2 for My Beautiful Food! (Round 2) contest by IndiBlogger


# A Letter to my Mom for #YoursHonestly contest by blogadda


# Moto E and I – From strangers to best friends for #ChooseToStart your smartphone journey with the all new Moto E contest by IndiBlogger


#To relieve Mom off her stress for #StressFreeMom contest by blogadda


Drunk With Delicious foods – Signed from Singapore… for Takeaway level: Singapore contest by Indiblogger


# Mom – My expert magician for my first expert contest by Indiblogger



# Top 15 Poetry Blog Post Of The Month (June 15)

Count My Blessings



# Love – A show of consideration  for Ariel #ShareTheLoad contest by blogadda


# Help the animals survive for Save the Species contest for the book “Capturing Wildlife Moments in India” in association with Saevus Wildlife India.


# Add an extra dose of goodness to Baby skin for #FirstLove contest by blogadda


# How My Kid becomes My Friend for Kellogg’s Chocos ke saath ‘Khuljaye Bachpan’ contest by IndiBlogger


# Memories that Lasts Forever for #LoveAndLaughter contest by blogadda


some more wonderful appreciations for my posts by blogadda in its Tangy Tuesdays and Spicy Saturdays.



Who: Ada Wiam
What: White beauty speculations
Tangy: We have conditioned our minds to brand fair skinned, slim girls as ‘beautiful’. How far is this correct? Check this post out.

Who: Ada Wiam
What: “Grading Or Degrading?”
Tangy: Our educational system is such that we are taught to believe that tagging is a way of life and defining yourself. This makes the kids do everything except learning and understanding themselves. Their psychology is almost negative and they don’t know what positive attitude by keeping just ‘the self’ in the picture means. Ada brings important issues to light.

Who: Ada Wiam
What: “The Art Of Letting Go…”
Tangy: When we face a situation that we have no control over, do we cling to it or let go? General opinion says that sticking to your guns is the more courageous decision, but sometimes, letting stuff go takes as much, if not more toughness, and gives you more freedom.

Who: Ada Wiam
Spicy: There are small problems and then there are events that alter the course of your life. When these events take place, we prefer to retreat into a shell. Much as we would like it, can we stay in there forever?