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A guy, a girl, a contract and sizzling tension. Is it possible for them to come out of it with zero casualties?



“I’ll give you a place to stay and I’ll pay you, all you have to do is to pretend to be my wife for an year, in return. It is that easy.”

Or is it?

With a contract, their deal is filed, signed and sealed with a kiss.

Finally, Alexandra will have a home, have someone to back her up in the fight of getting back what is legally hers. Logan will have the revenge he wants against his ex-girlfriend, Stacie.

Gambling with the matters of heart is just dangerous. You might hit the jackpot or you will be neck deep in heartbreak. It all depends on the cards that have been dealt to you.

And they will both realize it soon enough, when their heart take over their brain.


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His appointed wife:

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