Cosseted. Sheltered.

Sometimes chained.

Buffeted by the

World outside,

Subjected to the

Frozen wind,

Some butterflies never

Learn to fly…


A/N: This is, sometimes, true to most of us. Chained by the society, or family values or even by love, some of us never learned to walk on our own… Sad, but true!


4 thoughts on “FLY

  1. True most of us live a life chained to others aspirations, their happiness and the fake notion and ideologies of society. Sad but true. Just breaking free put of these chains is the only wish.


  2. Lovely piece. We are all born with wings and we must make sure we spread them at least once a day even for just a small moment so we don’t forget that we really can fly if life takes a bad turn. You spread your wings beautifully when you lose yourself in a book.


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