The Mask

'The Mask.' His dashing smile- Petty lies. Deep in the Burrows of his eyes, The remnants of grief, Of hungry days, Of mother's death. Still alive. ~~~ Prompt: His dashing smile. ©Fathy_writes


'Guiding' The whisper of Gray hair, Skin withered, wrinkled Holding my father's Frail hand, I walk him the same way He walked me. Once. ~~~ Prompt is 'My Father's Hand.' ©Fathy_writes

When Women Waken

When Women Waken... Books By Women is a journal, completely for women writers. If you're good at making thought-provoking poetries, or can paint the world with your brush, or can capture the moment with the lenses, you should take a visit there. You won't regret. If they select your work, they will feature it in…