A Castle in the Moon

image credits: sattva/freedigitalphotos.net

‘A Castle in the Moon’


My first dream was when I was eight,

A girl with pigtails, eyes so soulful and light,  

Over the moon, her heart shape face bright,

Building a castle, for her and her charming prince.


My first dream, I still remember with a smile,

 She bits her pink lips, brows furrowed with thoughts,

Fingers artfully brushing away the remaining slots,

Like a trained architect, her hands designed.


My first dream, which makes me nostalgic,

The girl, she leased the colors from the rainbow,

She made a truce with her God- that

She’ll return ‘em as soon as the house’s done.


My first dream, I can never forget,

Even though it’s all just a silly dream, 

 It later makes me wish and yearn,

At least just for a great companion,


Oh, what a dream, I still do remember,

Though I grew out from fairytales and princes,

I still remember that dream I dreamt,

And often wish it will someday come true.




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