‘Smart’ is always Sexy! #SmartHomeRevolution

– a house where you can really relax, be comfy and laze around is HOME. A SMART HOME!

2019. A new year. A new beginning. Maybe, a new home.

Smart is always sexy and hot. Smartness is just the right thing one need in their house, to make daily living more easy and comfy. Home should really be a place where you can enjoy, sit and relax after your tight work schedule, or endless mommying.

Smart homes are the right idea for me, a comfort loving, overly worked mommy, who have a 3 year old overactive kid, to do mundane, everyday chores with a click of a button.

Google Home Mini #Smart

It is exactly my cup of coffee.

With a compact, beautiful google smart home,you can have an efficient, cost-effective assistant to asisst you in your everyday life. Who would say no to a silent, super fast, smart housekeeper who won’t ask so many questions and gossip about your life ?



I have always wanted a smart switch, just in different definition, way back…

The first thing that come to my mind when I think about #SmartHome is Mr. Bean. Yes. Him.

If you are someone who loves Mr. Bean’s classic comedies, you will remember this scene from : Goodnight, Mr. Bean. Mr. Bean gets ready to sleep, he reads a book to his teddy and the light is still on when he lies down and pull up a blanket. Then he open a closet full of light bulbs, and shoots the bulb with a gun. BAM! There goes the light. Hurray!!!

So not long ago, when smart homes are only a faraway dream, I have often wished for Mr. Bean’s smart switch, because I am just as lazy. But then I have to stop, because the cost is incredulous and my mom would just call me crazy.

Her definition of smart is not my definition. To each her own, I suppose.

Then those dreams I often dreamt in my waking hours, when I needed to really switch on the fan when the sun decides to overwork my sweat glands, and not without placing a bookmark on my favorite scene of hero and heroine kissing, finally (ugh! Worst timing ever!) became reality.

My Dream came true!!!

So, I am going to pester my hubby until I can get my way…

Why Google smart home is going to be a part of my life, soon?!

Because I hate switching off lights at night…

If you love, Ps. I Love you, by Cecilia Ahern, you will remember the scene between Gerry and Holly…

©Cecilia Ahern, from Ps. I love you.

That is how it goes in our household , as well.

“It is your turn today.” Says him.

“But you are closer to the switch and I am already under the blanket.” I say, hoping he falls for my ‘puppy dog’ voice again.

“But… Oh, not again. It is your turn, today.”

Me, silently thinking: don’t I know that, and saying out loud, “Oh, Please. Please.”

That is how every night goes in our house. My hubby finally gives in, but not without persuasion.

So imagine having to order someone who won’t argue much.

“Ok Google, turn off the bedroom lights.”

“Turning off the lights now.”

Wouldn’t it save lot more of conversation and give us more sleeping time?

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Because I love being comfortable…

Doesn’t every one?

Lazing around in the couch with a book is my favorite day time activity, when I am not running behind my boy. Also binge watching when my boy is sleeping.

Ordering Google Home to stream my favourite Amazon Series’. From the comfort of my couch.. Wow. Just the imagination of it is perking me up.

Me, after a tired work, slouching down the couch and baby boy becomes tired, surprisingly. I have time now, to watch my favorite series… But Too tired to get up.

So, Google comes in handy by then.

Google Chromecast to stream videos. #SmartHome

Ok google, stream ‘Rizzoli and Isles.’


Me, lazing in the couch and watching. A feel-good imagination.

Because I refuse to move unnecessarily…

It is like this everyday in my home. Baby boy (A) goes upstairs, drag the chair directly to switch boards and tap, tap, tap… The glow of lights fill everywhere.

My mommy: “it is your son, again. He is switching on all the lights.”

Me: “yeah, whatever.”

A comes down, forgetting that he needs to switch off the lights.

My mommy: “waste of electricity. Go and switch off.”

Me, irritated, goes upstairs and switch off everything.

2 minutes later, A goes back upstairs. Switch on all the lights. Mom starts her routine dialogues. Me, huffing, goes on to switch off. On and on and on it goes.

No switches. No A’s 2 minutes switch stunt. No need to get up from my couch.

Because my baby boy is overactive during night

In our home back in our hometown, we have switches near the bed.

And I have a tornedo called A, my son, who can not sit still… A’s favorite pass time is switching the lights on and off and on whenever I put him to bed for sleeping.

On goes the switch! Off it goes! On, again! Off, again! And there goes the switch.

I am super sleepy. A is super fresh.

So I often have a one way conversation with A…

Me: “Stop. No, no, baby, don’t do that.”

A: Refuse to even acknowledge me.

Me: “Please, don’t break that switch again.”

A: Going about his job, his own way.

So I have talks with my sister, about really needing to go for smart home and Smart Lights.

Smart lights are compatible with Google home assistant and it is voice controlled.

And A wouldn’t bother me at night. Sleepy sleep, Good nighty! Thanks to Smart lights and google home assistant.

Because I am the kind of girl who reads until 3 a.m…

Some days, A sleeps earlier and it is super rare. Those days are my festival nights. I sit up and finish atleast two books before going back to sleep.

And those days, my only irritation is having to get up my lazy self from bed and turn off the lights.

Google smart home can make that job much, much easier those nights.

Because I love to cuddle with my blanket and baby early in the morning…

I love morning cuddles. That is the only time my baby boy is in a place and give me his soft and warm ‘Huggies.’

That is the only time he Gives me a huggies and a kissy kiss. So I steal as much possible morning bedtime moments with him. It is magic, a kind of beautiful and slow and lazy and warm routine, that readies me for the bustling day.

To play a smooth jazz on the background can add softness to those special mornings with my baby.

But once getting up, continuing that will be impossible. So no songs then.

But with google smart home, I can now add a bit of extra magic. A piano. Beethoven. Jazz. Using Smart Speakers.

Smart Speakers #SmartHomeRevolution

With a song, ringing beautifully in the background, as sun’s golden rays sneak past the opened curtain and a snuggle and wouldn’t that be a fantastic way to get up?

That moment is mine, to cherish and think about in the chaos that must follow me after that.

But that cuddle can help me face everything.

And, I really need a smart home, because I am really Smart. 😉 And I know life should really be easy when and if possible. No need to make it harder than it needs to be.

So smart homes All the way…



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