The Beauty of the Journey

Blessed, are people, who can actually stay in the place and look at the things with open eyes…

Blessed are the people, who can relax and enjoy every moment they cross by, without worrying about what will yesterday bring…

We come across precious moments, as often than not, and ignore it in our hurry to walk past and reach the destination. We are always, always hustling and bustling.

The chaos in our life is like a big splash of water over lusty colors. And these chaos wipes amazing arts out of our hearts and souls. We become monochromes.

A faded image of what we were. Like a color photograph touched and tainted by the fingers of time, we become tainted. Boring!

Oh, yes, destination matters. It is where we are supposed to go. To just BE.

But The Journey, it is just as important, too. Without the memories of the journey, destination will not be as sweet.

It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.

– Ursula K. Le Guin

Colors, we stumble upon everywhere and how many of us have stopped and actually appreciated it? We are seeing, yet unseeing. Sighted yet blind.

The beauty in the simplest things, they touch our hearts with their poignancy, they make our lips wide with a glorious smile.

But we don’t have time, do we? We are so BUSY!!! And we forget to live and love.

We are so focused on that end place. The goal. The destination.

But… Remember,

Success is a Journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome. – Arthur Ashe.

So go on.

Next time, take a second look at the flowers spilling around an abandoned wall.

Take a second look at an innocent kid with a chocolate stain on his cheeks.

Take a second look at the wonderful colors that fills the sky during sunsets, colors of Autumn leaves.

Take a second look at a lonely bird sitting atop an oak tree, singing its own melody.

Go on, bend down and pick up a flower on the road you walk upon and give it to your love.

Go on, touch the rain drops on a leaf behind your home with your little finger.

Go on, lift up your kid or nephew or niece and spin them round and make them giggle.

Smile at a stranger you travel along in the bus everyday. Appreciate people who make you feel good and happy. Tell them how much they mean to you.

Fill your life. Your journey. Fill it with all those simplest things, beautiful things. Fill it with people and golden memories. Fill it with heartfelt moments.

Take it along. In the journey.

The destination, then, will feel blessed and full.



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