‘The Most Beautiful Dream…’

You are the most beautiful music
To the song I have been writing
And the most wonderful color
For the picture I have been painting

When the dark night closes on
I dreamt of magic and miracle
And whiled my time away with
The wistful wishes of my heart

And then when the golden sun
Bleeds in, you came to the world
Now not just a dream I dreamt
At the seams of darker nights

You are the sweetest prayer
In my heart, I have been praying
And the most special meaning
To the life I have been living

When dawn ate the gray dusk
My dreams became the reality
As I hold you closer, all the tears
I spilled then carved into a big smile

I know I have been blessed big
Even when I deserve that less
Yes, God heard my silent pleas &
Sent you down, to wipe my tears

You are the most precious treasure
The most cherished beginning
And yes, baby, you are mine

Ps. To the most beautiful dream in my life…

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