‘Laughter borne out of Tears’

There is an endless puzzle inside
Every tear shed by the clouds.
Maybe, it is the mysterious reason
As to why clouds cry,
That makes me
Ponder and think. Hard,
What really makes it cry?
Until they bleed dry of all the emotions.
Is it a failed friendship?
A lost love?
A ruined relationship?
Or is it just a destroyed dream?
Or maybe, the clouds are crying
Due to happiness?
A meeting of someone close,
After years later?
Is that it?
Or maybe, getting something
It has always earned for?
It must be! Oh, it must be, but
I don’t know. All I know is
That they are crying and
I am laughing.
Louder. Louder.
In sync with the thunder.
Letting go all the emotions, along,
With its tears.
And just laughing. Insane.
Am I sadistic? Or
Just human?

© Ada

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