Sailing paper boats in the puddle.

‘Memories that can Save.’

Some memories,
Old and broken, though
Yellowed and stained with
The passage of time,
Will stay aglow in the
Burrows of the heart,
Deep within, a hidden treasure,
Waiting to be unearthed.
Like a lonely light house,
Lighting our darkest moments
With the endless, blissful stream
Of sun rays and moon beams.
Like an ignored pole star,
Guiding us back on track
After we’ve lost the way
With the constant supply of hope.
Such memories…
However, rare and scattered,
Is there in all our life.
All we have to do is,
Find them, keep them
And let them save us,
Back from the ruin.

Ps. The picture represents one of my childhood’s best memories — making a paper boat and be a captain… Removing the anchor and steering it against the monstrous waves in the huge sea (usually it will be a calm, small puddle created by the occasional rain or a water tub ;)). I can still remember doing it (umm, I still do it *guilty smile*). I loved the rain, especially to have the joy of  steering a paper boat. It was fun times, and it is still just as much fun.

Copyright of the picture belongs to my sister.

© Ada

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