From 2018 to 2019…

A transition.

A new journey.

2018 has ended with a blast and 2019 blooms colorfully, with new hope in its branches.

What 2019 brings with it is still a mystery, but I hope it will be a new and exciting beginning for me and you.

May it bring a technicolor kaleidoscope of happy moments and memories and fill our heart with remnants of hope and trust.


This year, I have many goals, all related to writing and blogging. And one big goal related to my baby boy.


So here is something to start off. I renamed the blog, decided to go on with a new banner and a logo, I painstakingly created (I hope it doesn’t suck.)

New year, new blog look. New name.

Stardust Diaries…

Let’s aim for the stars and reach it. It is okay to…

Sometimes, we all need magic. This here is magic. Words are my magic. I am gonna weave words with stardust and put it out for you all to see and feel and enjoy.

Revamping – I am also hoping to rebuild the blog and edit old posts.


Some of the blogging goals-

1. Write at least five to six post a month.

2. Getting featured on Indiblogger. Featured badge is one of my favorites.

3. Win some contest.

4. Increasing blog traffic. I still have no idea how to do it, but I am going to give it a try.


Writing goals –

1. Write as much as possible.

2. Finish at least one novel.

3. Getting published.

4. Write one non-fiction

5. Focus on writing in Tamil, as well.


And then, about my baby boy, he is getting bigger each passing day, but I wonder when he will actually learn to speak. To communicate.

More speech therapy classes. More talking exercises.

It feels like a heavy stone at the center of my heart.

Yes, he is special. He is smart. He is amazingly beautiful. But sometimes, I see question in people’s eyes and it hurts me. It bothers me.

I pray to God with all my heart that he will talk soon. That he will beat all the odds pitted upon him and start to say all the things he feel in his heart.

You Pray for him, too.

He need all the prayers he can get.

Life is not easy for him, now, and I hope this will change soon. I hope that my darling will learn to adapt to the world around him…


And that is about it… For me.

Have a great 2019. Have a fruitful year, ya’ll.

Love you.

Stay blessed and happy.



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