My baby boy is an insomniac. He never sleeps at night. Sometimes it is too much for me, trying to stay awake at 12 to 5 in the morning… And I get angry and then guilty about getting angry…

It is difficult for me… Six months of sleepless nights and baggy eyes… But then, he smiles so beautifully and I can not hold onto the anger anymore.

Yes, Motherhood is difficult, and sometimes tiresome.

But to have this lil one who makes my world beautiful, all my sleepless nights are worth it. Worth him!!!


2 thoughts on “Memories of Motherhood #31

  1. It’s gets better, Insha’Allah 🙂 They start to sleep more and we forget the difficult intial days…

    More smiles are coming.

    From a mom of a 1 year old 🙂


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