Happy 2nd birthday to my blog!!!


‘Happy 2nd birthday to my blog!!!’

May 2, 2014-  I was bored and had a lot of time on my hands. Words have always been a constant companion to me. I am familiar with them… They guide me, pull me along in a ride.

But I have never been to blogging, this world where your words are read, sometimes appreciated.

I thought then, why not? My dream to become an author is going to take some very long time. Till then… I thought and started this blog with this poetry….


Cosseted. Sheltered.

Sometimes chained.

Buffeted by the

World outside,

Subjected to the

Frozen wind,

Some butterflies never

Learn to fly

And here I am now… After two long years.

In here I have some good friends. I have met some awesome people. I have won contests — and that I have never imagined.

So… In that bored day, I made a good decision to start a blog.

Happy second birthday to The Bookworm’s Harbor, my writing world…

Thanks to all those who read, commented and made me continue writing this blog!




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