‘At the End of the Tunnel.’

There’s a tunnel,

Long, dark and scary,

Where she is forced 

To go into… A flood

of painful memories.

Darkness, the way in 

And through. Depressing

deaths in all the turns.

Right and left, she has

to face the monsters

From her past.

Her school day bullies,

That guy, who broke 

Her heart. The friend,

Who betrayed her trust.

She is tired, and broken,

Her eyes filled with salty

Tears. She is afraid that

She might never go out. 

She fought hard and strong,

Slayed the monsters,

Faced all the cruelty 

Thrust at her. But, the

Pain continued, so is

The long, endless darkness.

When she thought 

It was all over, 

When she was ready 

To give in and surrender,

Ready to sit and scream

And cry her heart out,

She finally found 

The Light.

At the end of 

The difficult tunnel, 

She found

The Light. 

‘Finding Light…’

I loved this conversation between two guys in one of my favorite sitcoms. The son was depressed and sad about his life.

The dad was saying to the son, ‘Life isn’t a cave, where you’ll only meet the dead end, with no light, no matter how hard and long you walked. It is like a dark tunnel. The journey might be hard and difficult, and very long,  but at the end of the tunnel, we will still find the exit. With light.’

How true it is!!!

Life may be difficult, and may be hard to live at points, and may become extremely excruciating, like the difficult trek inside a long, lightless tunnel, but life is not something which doesn’t have a way out. It has a way out, and that way will definitely be better than that way in.

Hope for the better and strive forward, because life is about moving forward. Keep walking away from the dark and one day you will find the faint glimmer of the sunlight.

When I lost my baby, I thought my life would never become alright again. I was depressed, plunged in the darkness, and it felt like I was embarking in an arduous journey, which would never come to an end… I was frightened, frightened for my own sanity. The darkness in my head, the vengeful voices, the powerful hands of misery – It felt to me, that there’s no way I would come out of it. I lost hope, but then… After months passed, and after I told myself to get out of the induced grief, I started to get better. I started to feel better.

I realized that life doesn’t end with just one mishap. Yes, what slapped against my heart was difficult to bear, but… When we held hope closer, it is easy getting out of all the disasters. I still miss that little girl/boy who never had a chance to see the world, but… Yes, at the end of that difficult tunnel, I did find the light. The light, at first, was dim. But it started to get brighter as I got closer and closer to the exit. I found the light, or may be the light found me…

Yes, it is difficult to get over it. But once you get in, get through and face it all, it all will get better at some point. It will get better!

So don’t lose hope, and carry on with the journey. Don’t lose your heart, don’t give-in, because… Yes, you’ll certainly find the silent glow of the light, welcoming you inside its brightness, arms wide open. Embrace it…


© Ada

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