Words are MAGICK. They heal heart and soul.

My Affaire` with words are long-standing.  My love started so young at age, and as I grew up, the love also became strong rooted. It grew until I can not imagine a life without books.

They become the best companions I could ever ask for. Hearing to me when I have stories to tell… Being with me when I need a friend… Making me laugh and smile, when I want to feel happiness… Words have done so much for me. They have been a necessity in my life.

It is about time I do something for this world, with words.

There’s a healing power in words. It heals loneliness. It cures the cracks in our hearts. I’d love to spend time with some lonely hearts, some deserted souls and bring them back to happiness, in this hard journey of life… By feeding them with the magical potion called Words.

Step in, and let’s travel in the great ship of WORDS and traverse SEAS and OCEANS.
Welcome Aboard, and let’s fly in this giant vehicle of WORDS and cross the high MOUNTAINS and hope to reach the broad, azure SKY…

Let’s discover the magic in WORDS and conquer the WORLD…