'Smile...' In that bend in your lips, I find a new beginning, Horizons expanded,  Hope alight in heart. In your smile, the world Get brighter than before I walk with the belief that  I can find a better tomorrow. ~~~ © Ada

Parallel Lanes

'Parallel Lanes' In the stretch of Parallel lanes, You stand in the point My route can never Intersect. Some people are 'Destined' to walk In the same way. You and I, we are 'Fated' to walk in the Opposite direction. ~~~ © Ada

Painful Memories…

'Painful Memories.' Days pass by With your memories Pressing me. Heart bleeding, baby, It has been years Since Fate has stolen You away from me, But the painful memories Is still alive, Deep down. And I am Afraid, Time can Never take it away. ~~~ © Ada

Wedding Night

'Wedding Night' The smell of mating, Subtly overcoming the Scent of Lilacs, And crisp linen drenched With red and passion, With love and promise. Today they start anew, Towards Forever. ~~~