Her smile, the glitter of stars

That could fill twilights with

Light and warmth

Thousand verses, inside her eyes

Innocence radiating off her

An iridescent halo

Like a gentle flower swaying, a touch

From her, o’ can bring hearts

A window of happiness

Just one look into her twinkling eyes

& everyone would fall so in love

Head over heals

Maybe Allah did so too, so much,

So much, – love her,

He took her back for Himself

Now, she will be in Heaven,

Where she belongs, away

From ache, tears, pain and illness

She will forever be happy, now,

Wearing her beautiful smile and

Sauntering amid rainbows,

While people in Earth mourn her loss,

She will be in a better, higher place –

Becoming Eternal!

An angel flew away, back away,

And our hearts will forever be grateful

For her short visit down the earth!


She was 7 months old, a glorious being. I had held her and touched her, only two times, but really fell in love with all that was her.

A storm carried this gentle flower away and I pray, I pray that her parents find strength to cope up with this great loss.

Rest In Peace, dear and may God give patience to your parents.


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