Titled With Rainbows

A magic that is

Beyond this Earth,

Forever Timeless,

A strong promise

Of belief and hope,

An eternal miracle.

She, the proud Queen

Blessing mortals

With Majestic fingers,

Filling empty hearts,

Painting every evening

An art, incomparable.

Stormy skies

Brewing colors in its

Soul, reflections

Of wishes mapped

Over the skins

Just shy of comin’ night.

Etched, in murky soul,

Another Sunset,

A word of wisdom, too.

End, can sometimes

Bring in mail,

Hopeful messages.

Her smiles dim, bright

Spill over the azure sky,

Titles another dusk

With brushes

Stolen from the lands

Of million rainbows.

After every sunset

Invigorating my soul,

How can I not believe

In the impossibles?

How can I not dare and

Dream wild dreams?

Picture by Shahy_iffy


I wrote this post for #WednesdayVerses, under the prompt, ‘Sunset’ hosted by …

Vinay Leo. R and Reema.


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