The Stranger In My Mirror

-How have I become someone Even I can not understand???

Little things, beautiful things,

Everywhere around,

Forgot, didn’t I,

To open my eyes, actually see.


I go around & around,

A merry, worrisome round,

Soul and heart, stretched thin,

Tired lines between my brows.


Colors have become the

vast black,

Rainbows lost somewhere in the

storm clouds,


Flowers in the bed are forever

not blooming,

Song birds’ voices are on

endless mute,


And who is this stranger in

All my mirrors?

Is that me?

Is that really me?


Ah! boneless and aching

Shoes and soul worn out,

My destination is here, but

Why so empty?

Where are the memories of

All those roads I passed?

The memories of

All those sunsets I watched?


Where are the memories of

All the friends I embraced?

The memories of all the flowers

I picked from the road?


Somewhere along those long ,

Dirty roads

I lost the meanings.

I lost Myself.


My mirror, now, reflects

Someone I am not supposed to be,

And I am this strangeness

Even I can not fathom.


It is sad that

Somewhere amidst

Yesterday’s failure and Tomorrow’s ‘big’ plans,

I forgot the ‘little’ pleasures of today…



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