‘The Embryo Of Hope’

Every night
The bridles are stronger
Pulling me down
Darkness adorned

Every night
The nightmares pulse
Suffocating breaths
I’m afraid to see

Every night
Screams the mad birds
Claws on silence
Empty feelings

Every night
All my bad things in life
Forms a tight noose
Strangling me

Every night
Prayers in my lips I wish
For the curtain to draw
Ending this drama

Then there is
New light, a bright stage
As Sun steals through
The tiny holes

An effulgent dawn
Welcoming with warmth
Cradling my icy skin
Melts my fears

A radiant horizon
Golden threads of beams
Eats the darkness
A candle lit in heart

The death
Of every night whispers
Some new promises
Of forgotten dreams

Of a desired journey through
Rough roads, bearing
That embryo of hope

© Fathy_writes

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