Five Tips To Stay Happy & Positive

-five tips to keep your happiness alive.

Feeling blue, are you? Feeling blue and sad, as often than not… Yes ma’am, depression is a part of daily life. It destroys smile, sullies the happy days.

It’s not possible to stay happy and positive, not always. But then, Sometimes, we feel depressed out of the blue. The despair and depression can hit us out of nowhere, even when we have no reasons.

Do you have those kind of days when you just want to pull up your blanket and stay in the bed? I do. It makes me feel tired and irritated. The anger, the depression is rather a hollow feeling.

But, how do we alleviate this occasional feeling of sadness, that crawl over us and make us unhappy? How to stay positive and happy?

*Avoid the whiners and the complainers*

There are these kinds of people who often whine about things, who take it their job to complain about life. They complain. During rainy days, it is too much water. During summer, it is too hot. During winter, it is too cold. If it isn’t one thing, it is two for them. These people are the poisons to our happy mood. They kill our pleasant smile. They bring our good days down by just being there. They make a perfectly happy, healthy mind unhealthy and depressed.

Why put yourself through this kind of agony? When you can easily avoid them and keep your spirit up?


*Look at the people below you*

Human mind is like a monkey, swinging from branch to branch. More and more, we desire. When we reach the stars, we yearn for the Sun.

Of course, it is good to dream and aim high, but make sure that these dreams don’t push you inside the pit of miserable moments and grieving heart.

The man next door is buying a new bungalow? It is okay. You have the perfect, cozy comfort of your home! If that makes you envious, burn with jealousy, then well, you’ll become depressed and unhappy. Be content with what you have. It is okay to work hard to achieve more, but it is not okay to feel jealous about others’ achievement and make yourself forlorn and sad.

And if such thing happens, open your eyes wide and look at that man who sleeps in his ragged shirt in your street corner, in your pavement, in the cold.


*Hold on to the positive energy*

Positive energy is like a ray of sunshine. It keeps you bright, even in the darkest of days. Optimism and hope are two things that can drag you out of the abyss of distress and unhappiness. Hold on to it, as strongly as you can.

Have you ever seen those lively, vibrant, happy people who can smile at all the time, who seems to be vibrating with energy, who look like they’re dancing to some music ringing inside their head?

These are the people who take their lives in their hands. These are the people who never let life take them in its hand.

You can be them, as well.


*Smile when you want to cry*

It is difficult, of course. But whenever you feel like crying, force yourself to smile. At one point, you’ll find it rather easier to smile when you feel unhappy for no reasons. Smile can refresh your soul, can revitalize your heart. There is a power in smile, in laughter.

It can light the darkest of soul with its vibrancy. Smile when you want to kick something. Smile when you want to hurl something. Smile when you want to sob and scream and yell… Smile even when it becomes too hard.


*Take a time off from routines*

If you feel absolutely miserable, take some time off from your routine works. Meditate and relax your mind. Find comfort in God, talk to Him about your problems in secret and feel the lightness. Do spiritual exercises to connect your soul with the otherworld.

If you don’t believe in God, then take a walk along a park. Enjoy the gentle caress of the sea waves by standing in the beach. Watch children playing, fighting, screaming. Look at the wonders of nature, enjoy the flowers, hear the music of birds…

Read a good book, a book that will make you forget your problems. Find positive vibes from the words. Let the words touch your soul and heal you with its magic.

Listen to a beautiful song, music, that can soothe the ache in your heart. Sing along. Hum. Whistle loudly.

Do something you’ll never do. Do something that you don’t do daily. Put off your office files, switch off the mobile phone that seems to be ringing 24X7, turn off your computer overloaded with workload and just relax by yourself, or with a friend who can ease your burdens. Spend time for yourself, with silence, with peace.


Oh, life’s full of pitfalls and dilemmas. Human mind is filled with burden and depression. But it is really easy to find happiness, when you want to. When you really look outside your windows, away from your computer, you’ll find hundred things that can make you happy.

Find them all, and stay happy and healthy… And stay Positive.



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