In the ghost of nights

My whispers of pain

Get lost in your snoring songs

I paint my fingernails red

With the remains of the love

Clawed out from the heart.

My heart bleeds black now,

Empty of love

And pumps pile of distress

Over every cell, on and on

And as I lay in pieces

I avow to myself

Never, ever to love

To love people who don’t

Deserve mine,

To never love them who

Can lie the words of love

But never care.

To never love them, who

Can still smile and laugh

When I am lost in the blackness

To never love them, who

Can make fun of my blood

As I bleed to nothingness.

I promise myself to let go,

For the agony of holding on

To this love

Is greater than the

Pain of losing it.

The End game, feels better.



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