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Tik. Tik. Tok.

Time is wasting

The clock stares at me

And continues to tick


I am frozen in place.

It is in my fingers

The last of my painted dreams,

Dry, peeling

Lusty colors have faded

To dull and drab –

I am still waiting on nothing.


Show me back

The reflections of my hopelessness

And my eyes laugh at me,

A coward, I have become

Wandering, a ghost of nothing…

I am so aimlessly lost.

A morning bloomed

Waking me up,

And I know what I have to do

Pick up, brushes after brushes

Thawing myself from this place.

I am trying. Trying.

Far from the deserts

Of my broken mind

Lies an oasis,

Still so fresh of innocence

And full of bold, brave

Forgotten dreams

I am trying to find

My way back.



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