What is your Emergency???

It is a hard game. Of taking care of yourself. Hardly played. Hardly ever won.

But your body needs help. IT NEEDS SAVING.

Being woman is difficult already. As if it is not enough, we have a bag full of problems to carry along, as we trek the bad, bad wolf called life.
A magic wand 

To solve every one of

My problems.

God, oh, please send me

Answers to all my prayers. 

A hair, that doesn’t sit well 

As it is supposed to.

A skin, that looks like a 

Parched desert land. 

Nails that can not grow 

To become a weapon. 

It is that month of the day, 

And oh yes, I am PMS’ing 

With their jokes. 

Hard, the life of being a woman,

Hard the life of being me. 

God, please

If you are listening to me

Send me a magic wand

To cure all my problems.

Hair fall problems. Check.

Frizzy hair. Check.

Dull and dry skin. Check.

Easily broken nails. Check.

Menstrual cramps. Double check.

Oh and…

The stamp of pregnancy, Strech marks. Check and check and check.

You need Vitamin E. It is your Emergency.


Life as a woman is a hard job. As for maintaining all these (skin, hair, nails) with a baby boy who takes all your eating, bathing and bathrooming time… very, very difficult.

So when my hair starts to fill up in the trash can in an alarming rate, I worried I might be going bald.

And I didn’t have time to consult a doctor.


So, when my skin become hard and rough, I was worried about it peeling off. But still, I didn’t have time to consult the doctor.

So, when my menstural cramps become mighty harder than before, I was angry, mad, furious, but yes, no time for the doctor.

It went on and on.

I was just going to drown it all until I couldn’t see anything or feel anything. Until one day a friend of mine called me for few minutes and… She said, ‘you need to take care of yourself too.’


In the process of taking care of others, I had forgotten to take care of myself.

I needed it too. Caring. My body, my skin, they needed it, too. A proper care. Which, I shamelessly ignored to give priority to all those other things in my life.

So finally, I booked an appointment with a skin specialist and surprise, surprise, I don’t have enough Vitamin E to keep my hair and skin alive.

That is my Emergency!!!

I, who had never wondered about Vitamins or their uses, was shocked to say the least. Oh yes.

So then the doctor gave me a long, long list of foods I can take to reimburse my body with the Vitamin E it so desperately needed.

But it is just hard. To eat, when your baby boy don’t take rest. Or let you take rest.

So… Down the drain went all those food items along with doctor’s advice.

A miracle.

What I needed was a miracle. 

Somethin that doesn’t take much time. I need to take care of myself, but I have to do it in the laziest way possible. 

So Hello, Vitamin E tablets.

One too many trials later, I have a perfect skin, an okay hair, and a cramp that doesn’t hurt that bad. And a manageable diet of Vitamin E tablets.


Hello #Evion. Welcome Home.

The Evion Supplements can enhance your vitamin E needs in the best possible ways, and you can do it easily.




Video made by me, @videoshow. All images are from Pixabay and are free to use.


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