Not-so-dear person,

Tomorrow will never be same again as the yesterday. Between the two, today happened. This very day that brought everything I held dear to my heart to to rubbles.

It was an earthquake of massive scale and everything is destroyed. Only trashes and broken pieces remained.

You walk in your high horse, thinking thoughts that solace you and comfort you, while I thrash in the petty lies you scatter around in the air. You think I will bend and burn to your desires, but I am not that pathetic.

The pain of all your words, and silences… it leaves me breathless. As I lay in the bed, moaning, you stay asleep in your part of the bed.

As my heart aches and stomach burns, you are still deaf to all my cries of pain. You think you can sleep my tears off, and then the next day, I will forget and go back, but not this time.

This time, as my sob fell on deaf ears, as my tears kept flowing without anyone to wipe it off, as my pain went unheard and unanswered, I promised myself one thing.

I will never give you the power of hurting me like this, not again.

So… I promised myself to stop loving you. It maybe hard, but not impossible.

And days later, I shall forget to love you, because it is easier to hate someone you have never liked in the first place.

You are not my prince charming, or my soul mate. You are just another man, who took me for granted.

And so it shall be.


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