‘Why Live? Why not to die?’

At times, life gets very difficult to manage and meander. As you walk, you will find that the roads you are supposed to journey are filled with rocks and thorns and shreds of glasses.

How awful!

It is depressing… of course,

When your boss fires you, for a small misdeed.

When your teacher yells at you for a low grade.

When your spouse cheats on you.

When the guy you love suddenly don’t love you anymore.

When your best friend just stopped talking without any reason.

When you fail a board exam.

When your parents oppose your love marriage.

When you are bullied and humiliated by your seniors on your first day of college.

When you are harrassed and tortured by a relative, a co-worker.

When you are beaten blue by your alcoholic husband.

They are, of course, difficult situations to face, to live with, day after day.

And your mind ask you in a quivering, sad voice…

What the heck is the solution to end all this?’

And the answer is so close, so easy, so obvious.


But can it be the answer to all the problem you face?

Trust in yourself, your courage, your bravery.

You are NOT a COWARD.

Cowards die. Only cowards are brave enough to take their own life.

Believe that the next part of your life may not be such a sick joke as this part is. Believe that life will change, because it will change.

Look at how the light surrounds and surmounts the dark during every dawn… That should be inspiration enough to believe, to trust, that you will find a solution… that is not DEATH.

So… what you are going to do is very simple. When you have an urge to end the life — the pathetic, the miserable, the grieving, the unbearable, the troublesome, the cruel, the tiring life — you are living, wait for a day, and another.

Maybe you will see why suicide was wrong in the first place.

Or maybe you won’t.

Now wait another day. You have already waited, so why not another day.

Look at yourself. Look around you.

There may be a person who will break if you kill yourself. Your mom. Your dad. A person Whose whole world will collapse if you die. LIVE FOR THEM.

There is this passion in you. The passion to write a poetry book before life and its tricky fingers squeezed your soul out. LIVE FOR IT.

There is this beautiful garden you have always been planning to create. You already have plans made, before some ass you were dating cheated on you. LIVE FOR THE GARDEN.

LIVE FOR YOURSELF, because the next day may contain in its agenda, something you have always wished for. Today soon passes. Why take life for something that passes on?!?

Wait for your miracle. Wait for a better tomorrow. Wait for your chance, your happiness.

Because it is there, somewhere in the corner. YOUR BETTER LIFE.

There are millions and millions of beautiful things around you. So why die for one or two ugly things???

The only way you can show –the things, the person who hurt you — a middle finger is by living.


Life will become alright, if you are willing to face it head on and fight.

So don’t DIE…

You are WORTH thousand Chances. YOUR life is worth LIVING.



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