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Stories make you Believe.

Stories make you believe in true love, happy endings, happily-ever-afters…

I might be a cynical, pessimistic person in real life. I don’t believe in true love conquers all. I don’t believe in true love. Period. 

I am the kind of bi5ch blathering about betrayals, about how love is just an illusion, how love brings all kind of misery and unwanted agony.

I don’t trust the people I love to not hurt me. I am a disbeliever in love. In real world. 


Close me inside a story, and I will transform, like I have been dusted with warm, glittery fairy dust. 

It is like a makeover of my persona… when I am reading, I will trust how the love of two people make them a better person. I will believe how they are totally just for each other. How one completes the other. How they perfect each others life.

It is like I shift… to this completely different, not-so-bitter person. 

I will feel the tingle, the warmth when favorite protagonists kiss for the first time. Put in some awkward nose-bumpings, head-buttings and Oh God!!! It just squeezes me into a cool, sweet, pink (have to put it) lemonade in a summer noon.

I will believe there is really a world where love is saving, love is beautiful, true, loyal and all those other things. Only I get in the stories.

With the stories, I will no longer be a bitter, untrusting, cynical, hopeless, depressive girl with distressing views.

With these stories, I become trusting, hopeful, sweet, optimistic romantic with hearts blinking in her eyes!


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