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An Invite to read – The Stories She Told.

Hello. I have been absent for so long, that my blog feels almost like a strange place, but here I am, back and no, there is no bang, but maybe you will forgive me of my lame entry into the world of blogging, again.

Here is the invitation: To read on SWOON READS: THE STORIES SHE TOLD

It has taken me a month to finish this story: The Stories She Told and three years to edit, cut, add, edit, polish, cut, add and did I mention, EDIT? And finally it was ready to be read by people like you… who really love reading and people like you, who are good and kind enough to do a writer some much needed help and advice.

Here is a peek into the story line: When you go insane… What are the odds yours psychiatrist is the man you secretly love?

At least a little bit interested? Well, if so, read ahead…


Shreya Nayar, abused by her mother when she was young, finds her reprieve in stories she reads and stories she tells. The thing she wants the most is to write a wonderful story, to publish it, to be heard.

Her own life story, though, makes for a sleepy read, with the recurring nightmares, the fights with her dad, the rejection letters she receives often and the easy friendship with her BFF.

Abracadabra! Out of the blue, her story starts to change. There are strange plot-lines; handsome strangers who makes her feel strange things; completely unexpected plot twists. Her story has suddenly become interesting and scary and a freaking drama of unwanted comedies.

Can she survive all these misadventures, publish the novel and find the happily-ever-after to her own story, that seems to be lurking just around the corner?


  • 91268 words
  • About 365 pages
Here is the link again: if you didn’t clicked it already.
Don’t forget to stop by, read the story and of course, rate. RATE AND COMMENT on SWOON READS and it is the most important.

Where is the joke in this? Universe? Fate? God? Huh? Where is the damn joke? Send me a freaking sign or something…” Shreya stared at the empty walls. She felt like a loon to be talking to the walls, but then that was why she was here in the first place. “Hello? Anyone? Hear me?” She shouted and was greeted back by the silence. Yeah, well, what did she thought? That God was going to come here and answer her!

There must be a joke hidden beneath all these. Shreya thought that if she looked hard and long, she would find the joke. She could laugh and snicker along with her fate. But…

Even after ten days of staring at the sterile walls, hard and long and deep, she couldn’t find the damn joke.

Maybe she was the joke.

No, there was no maybe about it. She, really, was the joke.

Then the door to the damn room opened and no, that was not a sign. That was just her best friend Keerthi, looking hot in her black dress and short, newly curled hair and Shreya felt like a Granny in her loosely stitched hospital scrub, with her long, boring hair and it was so shallow to think about how you look when you are in an asylum… but yes, insane people like her thought like that.

“So… if I die now, will I go to heaven, still insane?” Shreya looked thoughtful. “Or maybe they would cure me… maybe they have a department of doctors in heaven, to cure all the illness and then… they would send us to this field where golden unicorns walk around, with candy colored clouds where you could reach out, and come out with cotton candy clouds and you could eat it. There would be a kitchen with the best biryani, pizza and prawn curry you ever had and the cook would look angelic with his big wings. You could drink coffee anytime from the biggest coffee machine brewing heavenly coffees and there would be lakes of the undeniably best wine in the whole universe and there would be no pain or misery in here.”
”That is a good story you just told,” Keerthi gave a smile. “Or maybe you go to hell…Why heaven? Heaven is filled with morally upright, honest, sensible, smart people. Must be boring.” She added a naughty wink and Shreya had to smile at that.

“No, no. I had been a good girl. See, a good, normal, morally upright, boring girl… until all this dramatic plot twist. My story is making my head ache.”

“You talk like a writer…”

“And that is what put me here. I loved the stories I told to myself a little more than I was supposed to,” Shreya looked at her friend.  “And then the stories stop being just stories in my head and here I am raving mad.”

There were not many normal days now in Shreya’s life, but here with Keerthi, bantering and talking about silly, insensible things made her feel normal. Alive. Sane.

Twenty three was too young a age to go insane… or maybe they don’t ask for age when they unloose a screw in your brain. They say abracadabra… and you go insane and it was all part of the story, your story!

Oh, yes!

She had achieved many impossible things in a short span of time and it was truly an amazing feat. She should be applauded and praised and taken as a role-model by those people whose life was really unhappening.

But instead here she was. Locked in this barren, white, empty room that always smelled like disinfectant. God, these people didn’t have any imagination, it was so white and so boring that she wondered if they did it purposefully to make crazy people go crazier.

Thank God, she wasn’t chained or anything, but that didn’t mean she was any less insane.

“And you know what is the biggest joke of it all?”

“So there are more jokes in this…” Keerthi leaned back as she laughed. “Oh, do tell me.”

“My fate is so bloody hilarious…”

“Oh, I love your fate already. Mine is too boring.”

“The joke is… Abishek! What are the odds that my dad found him?! There are plenty of psychiatrists in this world and my Appa went and got me an appointment with Abishek, huh?”

Well, her fate really did have a hilarious sense of humor, because…

Yes, one of her shrinks was the man she loved!


Fate must be laughing her ass off.

“Must be destiny.”

“Kill me now!”


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