There is a little dollie in our house. Baby boy’s baby sis. His aunty’s cutie pie, who is 2 months old and very naughty like her big bro.

He loves her so much that he started to drag her hands and clap over her legs whenever he saw her.

After that we don’t allow him to get near her, so he gets to stand in the distance and moon 😉 over her. He looks at her with a pout, and when he realizes there is no chance of getting closer to her with the human shields (mom, gramma and aunt) he moves away like he has given up and is moving on. As soon as one of us become distracted, he would come crawling like a storm near her… and starts to drag her little fingers and all.

Now we have learnt a lesson.

There is a calm before the storm.
There is a trick behind my baby boy’s pretense of giving up.

Eager to hear what's in your mind :)

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