My baby boy loves this arabic song… ‘I Love You, Mama.’

Whenever his aunt shows him the video of the song, he will be so engrossed in the song that he will not move for 5 whole minutes from the place and that is like a big miracle (for he never stays at the same place for more than 5 secs).


And when his aunt sings the song… he will crawl back to his walker, which has a mini keyboard, then press the music and starts to dance. It is totally amazing, how he learns to switch on the music for the song and dance and he did it all on his own.

And somedays later, he started to sing with his aunt.

It comes like I – L – O – V – E – Y – O – U – M – A – M – A. I LOVE YOU MAMA, MAMA!

When she says I, he will say L, O…. and then some of his baby babbles and finish it with mama, mama....

Baby boy never ceases to amaze me with all the little things he does. He is so intelligent and I love it. Love him so, so much!!! 💓

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