As I read a news about the internet scandal, where the men formed a group with many members in Watsapp to troll a woman… I feel really sad and bad for my country. My India.

In a country where there is once religious equality and unity in diversity… where the rivers are named after a woman…

In a country, which is called as ‘Bharat Matha…’ Baratha Thaay, which is being praised as a mother…

Women, mother, daughter of Indian nation don’t have any security to their lives, their bodies.

Where are we going? Where will we go if our country is being handled by people who supports men who treat women as only a sexual object, who looks at woman as her genitals?

I really don’t have to say it out loud.

We scream feminism, we try to get equal with men, and the people who handle India are the ones who threaten a woman with sexual abuse, with rape and call her names that are totally demeaning.


As BJP took board to support uniform civil code, they shouted like they are the sole protectors of female community. That they are the only saviors to female world.

And… now….

Where were the said saviors of womenkind?

Were they ones who thretened a woman and said if she writes her opinions on internet, they will harm her sexually?

Were they ones who called a woman obscene names and threatened her if she didn’t stop?


Behind that sheep like face is a wolf hiding. Wolves hiding.

It is better to wake up India from this harmful slumber.

Every one of us have the duty to protect our Nation.

Not just from Pakistan and China… but from the worst kind of parasites that are eating away at our country, our idiology, our culture.

For India will never stand high when these parasites continue to suck her off her pure blood.

For India will never develop with these parasites depleting and destroying her culture and idiology.

Eager to hear what's in your mind :)

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