‘Money Matters — Demonetization circus and its effects!’

Yes. As you look at the new effort put forth by Government of India, for bringing back the black currency, you can clearly see the effects it has on those who have crores of money in their house lockers and the effects it has on those who have 1000s and 500s in their pant pockets.

The first still enjoys in their mansions while the second are standing in a long, long queues.

Did you see the millionaires or the bussinessmen standing in the lines on the bank doors?


Not even one face of those who are rich could be seen on the news paper.

All we could see are…

Old ladies, cradling their dead husbands’ head on their lap, as they are being ignored by others in this mad race to get money to their daily life.

Pregnant women giving birth to the future generations of India on the pavements and roads, without any care they need.

Villagers sweating and fainting on the bank before they are forced away by the bank people with an unapologetically written paper saying ‘no cash available.’

They said it is a war against corruption.

Now they are saying it is a means to digitally develop.

And their declarations may change again.

What really didn’t/ wouldn’tchange is…

The day to day war ordinary people  face to smoothly run their life.

And the black currency of older 1000s that has changed into newer, pinkier 2000s that is in the ultra rich people’s locker.

We will see how India is going to develop at this rate…



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