My li’l guy is slowly exploring new things. And expanding his horizons.

It feels good to see him try something new, like standing up on his own, kneeling in front of me when I eat anything (and when I give him HIS food, he is running away, lips pursed tight).

But then…

After few days… the exploration went to dangerous levels.


Standing on the pillows and then slowly putting the legs on the window ledges, when he wanted that bottle up in the windows (yes, he got it).

Turning in his chair and climbing up on another chair.

Getting up on the storage box and dragging refrigerator power wires and touching the rods on the back.

And it goes on….

And My heart went still with fear when I see it all.

He is a non-stop, eternal burst of energy and I have to watch him keenly 24X7…



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