NANOWRIMO- I will miss You!’

Nanowrimo is approaching and every year, I procrastinate and then finally rush off to finish 50ks of words. It was wonderful, that adrenaline rush.

I would do all nighters at the last moment, feeling zombie-ish, and cursing myself for procrastinating… drinking plain-tea made by me… and at the end, I would complete my 50,000 words though most of them looks like a bunch of gibberish put together. Well…

It was great, just to download the certificate and proudly announce that I had completed my target.

I also got some great, great friends out of Nanowrimo. We bonded over our love for written words and they are now an important, irreplaceable part in my life. My writing buddies, though we didn’t do any writing together these days.  We have never met face to face, but I realized friendship didn’t need that. It was all wonderful, just to have them talk to and I just adore them all, so much.

Three years… and I have wonderful memories of Nanowrimo. I always loved November a little more, because it was that month which made me finish my half-baked novel. It was that month that pull me out of laziness — well, I am the laziest person I know– and make me create another world.

But… sadly… I will not have time or the energy to participate in Nanowrimo this year.

Well, my li’l marshmallow, who is seven months, and who is pretty active for his age, needs me more than the novels I have been writing and meaning to complete.

Witty Quincy and wary Shawn (from Recipe For Disaster) and Sensible Rhianna and sexy Theodore (from The Wrong Kind Of Right) have to stay inside their folder much longer before they came out… because… I need to focus a little more on my baby boy this November.

Yes, it is only when I am not writing that I have so many bulb-moments and ideas for the novels and I am sad that one day when I am finally ready, I may not wholly remember the ideas, but life is… just that!

To be honest, I will miss The November I have always liked, but my li’l boy will make it better, I suppose.

But still… I will take some Me-me time, and will try to at least pen 20k words (my target) this November.


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