‘Life, as it is!’

As everyone silently sneak past the gate, I close my eyes and wonder…

Is it what I have earned? This loneliness?

They desert me when I need them. And I have been there when they need me. I have always been there. And I stay silent, because I don’t have words to make them stay and I don’t want to fight to make them do what they don’t want to.

Life is just as it is. You can not try to change. You just have to go on with the stream, finding strength to fight and survive.

Because… The fittest survive.

If you hesitate, they will stomp all over you and you would be so gone before you can try to blink.

I stood up.

So what if I have lost lakhs… In the recent venture to a new business.

I have two hands and legs.

And I will earn the lakhs back.

Today I sit there, all alone and I am a loser.

Tomorrow, I will be surrounded by people(some shallow, some selfish and some real) and I will be a winner.

Because life is just that. This changing clock.

A loser win, a winner lose.

Today I lost. Tomorrow I will win.


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