Like his mommy, he has a sweet tooth(and he is still toothless 😋).

This one who spits his rice and cereal is very eager to lick off a chocolate stained finger or a bit of cake or sweets.

And he is like a food critic or something.

He needs his food to be tasty and perfect.

If his juice has less sugar than what he used to drink, he spits it and never drinks unless I add more sugar…

If I feed him Idly with honey, he spits it out. But with a bit of Sambar (even if it is spicy), he eats atleast three bites.

God, I wonder how many times I have to run back to kitchen to add more sugar or salt, or to prep different food when he grows up!!!

I already am going in and coming back from kitchen quite a lot now, and he is only 7 months old…



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