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A Childhood Without Shackles…


A Childhood Without Shackles…

Childhood is a time for swings and see-saws and dirty dresses…but…our children’s childhood is neatly packed inside smart screens. Oh, in the era of technology, is it even possible to raise our kids without the influence of YouTube, Facebook, iPad or the TV?

I have seen children holed up in front of videos and endless rhymes, plugging their computer on and surfing through the web all on their own or sitting in front of cartoon shows with a bag of chips. And sometimes it feels like they are so lost in it, lost in this world full of evil, worthless things when they can spend it much more usefully. They don’t play sports, they don’t read books, they don’t talk and laugh on jokes, they don’t run around and make a mess. Not so much. Not anymore.

They play, of course, only Call of Duty. They don’t ride bicycles, unless they are manoeuvring it with buttons on their phone. They don’t want to run and race, unless they are playing Subway Surfers. They don’t make a mess of paint on the floor, because their iPad has a colouring app. They have a virtual Barbie doll that they play with in their free time. >>>

Read more of my article on parenting and why not to let your child have a free access to TV and Phones on –> A childhood without Shackles



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