A tale of a puppy · Chinnu & his adventures

The Shelter — a tale told by a puppy -3


The Shelter — a tale told by a puppy

Chapter 3

I am Chinnu, and I have just lost my family, my home and now I am heading towards Unknown.

The Van moved, and I heard the driver talking to the lady in pink. Pink Lady seemed to be deep in thought as she answered…

“Yes. The family is murdered. Nobody knew the reason and the perpetrators are not arrested yet. No trace, they say. Sad, it is.” Her voice was deep.

“The whole family, including the little girl was murdered. It is the damnest thing.” The driver said.

I wept. My heart broke for the hundredth time.

How could this be? How could this happen to my little girl?

I laid my head on the carpet, and whined. Tears leaked through the corner of my eyes.

After a long time, the door to the van opened. Pink lady stepped out and leashed me.

Like I have anywhere to run. I thought.

She led me inside a building. It had many boxes. Inside it were puppies, cats and rabbits.

They called it pet Shelter.

It was just a fancy name for orphanage, I suppose.

They readied a box. The lady in pink signed papers and the owner — a bulky looking man with a goatee — shook her hand before they exchanged the paper. She walked away and again I was alone with strangers.

The lady in pink had strangely become familiar, because she was the first face I had seen since my family was murdered. Now even she was gone.

The big man looked at me and I felt fear rolling inside my belly. But then he smiled.

“Hello little guy. we are going to give one hell of a place to live, until someone takes you home.”

“Thank you.” I said, which probably to him, sounded like BOW-WOWW.

The door was opened and he led me in. I was offered a pillow, a feeding bowl and a cup for water.

“Welcome.” The man said.

This Shelter is now my new place. My home & heart, though, would forever be with my dead family.

I wished they were in better place now. For… When they died, they were in pain and discomfort. I hoped they are healthy and safe now.

And I prayed that they would soon arrest that human who murdered my family, because — Murderers, cruel, vicious humans don’t belong in the outside world. They belonged to the cages, we –animals — are often locked into. Sad they let the killers walk free and we are caged.




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