Big Sister…

Perhaps this time. She thought as she crossed the large hall. This time someone would want me.

She was dressed in her best dress — a red frock, that only had a single tear, which was recently mended by Renu Didi. She had showered, ignoring the soap bubbles that had brought tears to her eyes and her hair was now neatly combed and put together in a short, curly ponytail. She looked cute, she had checked twice in the mirror. She did really look cute.

Heart thumping, she walked to Madam Dillamma’s office. She knocked, once. Then waited. Like a good girl. Grownups loved good girls.

Once she had been a bad girl and that was why her mother hadn’t wanted her. Now… she had learnt to be a good girl.

She could hear the voices above the drum beats of her heart. A man’s, a woman’s and Madam’s.

They were talking about adaption procedures.

She knew how it all worked out. Some of her friends had been adapted and she had missed them, but she was happy they now had a new mommy and daddy.

She wanted a new mommy and daddy, as well.

She had been too little when her mother had given her away to orphanage, but she had grown up since. She had learnt the nooks and corners, the laws and legalities of adaption procedures, all from Sujju Didi, the lawyer. Sujju Didi had been orphaned, as well, but she grew up to be a strong, powerful lawyer. When she grew up, she wanted to be like Sujju Didi.

“Oh, Reema dear, come on.” Madam called her.

The woman’s eyes reached hers. Reema watched with wonder as the woman’s beautifully painted eyes shone.

“Hi. I am Sonya.” The woman said.

“Reema. I am studying third standard. I get straight A’s and I want to be a lawyer. I am a good girl. My mother didn’t want me because I had been bad once. Now, I am good. Shreni, she was my best friend. She just got new parents. It is so cool.”

Do you want me? She thought.

The woman smiled.

“That is a good girl. Really.” She said, but her eyes were filled with regret as the man near her spoke something to the woman.

Madam looked at them and nodded her head with a sigh.

“Reema, you can go now.”

“Don’t they want me?” Her little eyes filles with misery as she asked it. “I promise to be a good girl.”

“Oh!” The woman, Sonya, said as she grabbed Reema’s hands. “You are a really, really good girl. But we… can’t. Sorry.” She looked really sorry.

“Okay.” Reema said as she walked out.

When Sujju Didi drew papers for the adaption of little Swarna, Reema cooed to her…

“Little girl, you got a new family. You got new mama and papa. You know, I am happy…you found a new home, and you don’t have to learn that you didn’t have anyone who really loves you.” Reema wiped a single tear.

Swarna gurgled back.

“And Reema… you don’t have to feel sad… because we are going to love you from now on.” It was the man with Sonya.

“How do you like to be Swarna’s big sister?”

Reema cried… and it was happy tears.

“Oh, yes.”


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