A tale of a puppy · Chinnu & his adventures

Towards Unknown — a tale told by a puppy -2


Towards Unknown — a tale told by a puppy…’

Chapter 2

I am Chinnu, and I was recently orphaned.

My family was murdered and I couldn’t help them.

I stayed with the blood and the smell of death for a day, before my cage was opened by a woman in pink dress.

And now I was removed from my home and was shut inside a vehicle, going towards… I didn’t know where they were taking me. The knowledge of it was scary.

I was going towards unknown, ripped away from everything that was known to me.

I always loved travelling, before. My family often took me to the park. My mistress loved it when we were travelling by car. She would always let the windows down, and let air play with both our hair.

She would ruffle my fur and say, ‘Isn’t it fun, chinnu? It is!’

And I could never see her again or hear her giggle.

Grief poured through me as this bulky van started to move and this time I hated travelling. There were sounds — sounds of horns, some song from the radio and people haggling and selling.

I didn’t bark. I hadn’t the strength to even muster a small whine.

I was silent throughout the journey.

Within a day, I had lost everything important to me, including a little girl with her pigtails and beautiful eyes and chubby cheeks all because — some people are monsters wearing mask of humans… …




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