A tale of a puppy · Chinnu & his adventures

Orphaned — a tale told by a puppy -1


‘Orphaned — a tale told by a puppy…’

Chapter 1

I am Chinnu…

Inside a box, I sat… wondering why there was so much noise, so much screams outside. I could smell the rage, the fear and hear the voiceless keening of the young girl.

Yes, I am a pet dog and she is my mistress. My best friend.

And I was here, shut, unable to save her from whatever cruelty happening to her or her parents. They were my family, and I was helpless here. Useless.

As she cried out, loud and aching, my body trembled with fear. She had given me half her cookie, more importantly, she had given me love. She bathed me, took me to play with her and I couldn’t help her. No, I wanted to… I wanted to go to her. She was my friend and friends helped each other.

So I tried to open the cage and it stayed locked. My heart was thundering as another knock and a scream follow. I wanted to run to her, to snuggle her, to protect her.

But… I was trapped.

After a minute of that one last scream, there was only silence. I waited, for her to come, to call me ‘Chinnu’ in her cheerful voice. But… It didn’t happen.

I stayed alone in the cage.

The next day some lady in snappy pink came and took me away from my Home. My girl. Nobody said what was wrong, but I knew…

I am orphaned. My family was murdered.

I shed silent tears.

I didn’t know why they were murdered, why my family was killed, but I knew only one thing…. some human beings are better without being born… … …




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