Hello my #Old & Dearest friend,

Today is friendship day. I had thought of a way so that I can wish you a happy friendship day much more better, than a single line text. So here I am… writing to you.

Where do I start? Let me say first: I love you. I will always do, no matter where you go. My heart would forever have the footprint you left the very first time…

For more than two decades now, you have been my friend. My best pal. My sound board. My soul sister. My companion. My source of happiness.

You had become someone I’d trusted and loved even before I learned the Real meaning of friendship. When we were still too young to properly understand friendship. For those days, you were someone to play silly joke with, to share stupid things, to sit and just laugh. But… then, they had been the most important moments of my life.

The roads we travelled…like untethered kites, running around. The Chocolates we shared, and wiped in the underside of our dresses. The silly, girly things we had done together. Those moments, even now, always put a spark in my tired eyes. Always rejuvenate my weary bones.

And time passed… We grew up.

Some say feelings dwindle with time. Some say friendship passes on and vanishes.

And I look at them in the eyes and proudly say: ours didn’t. Ours never would. It is pride — and belief — that is what I have, in our friendship, in our love.

It is wonderful, isn’t it? The kind of friendship that never wavers even after a big storm, that never drown after a Tsunami. We had have our wars, battles, fights, quibbles, but then… our love surmounted it all at the end of it. Our friendship survived. Because… We loved.

At times, you would do things to hurt me and I would retaliate and hurt you back. And we would stop talking, sharing, being friends. Those moments, where we put a stop to our stories, never felt right. And then… we would hesitate, talk, laugh and close hands over each other and life would become right again. Right, because you are back besides me, where you are supposed to be.

It is that simple for me.

For me, you have always been a safe hide, a shelter. I know you will be there, I trust you to be there and that is something I will never get with anyone else. You are my friend, my sister. Will always be. Forever.

Now…you are miles apart. Oceans between us, and we can only see and talk if we were at our hometown the same time.

It is my morning when it is your night and we can chat and share stories only when we have to find a schedule. At times, it is even impossible, sometimes improbable. But… We found our times, we stayed in touch… After 20 years, there has been more hurt and pain from friendship. But there has been more than enough happy days to balance it out.

You know my life, you know when I have a cold or cough… And I know yours, your secrets… That kind of strong connection, bond, after all these years is something worth holding on to. We have kept our promises, even after 20 years and that is something that is beyond beautiful.

Those moments… With you are something worth holding on to, as well.


The moments of eternal bliss, washed away with the bubbles of laughter and loads of happiness, the moments of our shared jokes and foods, packed tight with the remains of tenderness and love… Those good memories, where you play the lead role, have the power to scare away the bad and grimy days.

In the world, where even love costs a fortune, and where things are just the imitation of the truths… In the world, where lies prevail, and feelings are just a form of stupidity, and a tool to play with… You, my friend, is the first real feeling that reached my door-step, even before I’ve paid a single penny. Your friendship is the first true love, that entered my barred heart for free.

You, my darling friend, you are the beautiful promise in my life, a sacred oath of destiny and fate… You are the one who could always make me smile at the most dire situation. I adore you so much.


And happy friendship day!!!



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