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In the Trails of Snow Dusted Dreams..


Dreams… just what would life be, but uninteresting and tiresome, but colorless and white, without dreams!!!

In the hard, jarring streets of life, dreams are the detours that take us through the beautiful road scented and sprinkled with Cherry Blossoms. In the long, tedious trek along the hilly terrains, dreams will be the diversion that shows us the mountains dusted with snow in the early morning gold of sunrise.
So…like anyone, I dream. Without dreams, I would just traipse along life without any zeal. Dreams, they make my life worth living at the end of a sudden, sad turn. Dreams, of future that is more beautiful than today push me towards more. Happy, dreams, make me happy.

I dream of simple things and I dream of impossibles.

‘Sognare l’impossible è il primo passo per realizzarlo’

-Dream the impossible and you are already part-way there

The moment I read this in a chocolate wrapper was like an epiphany. I was little then, but the word struck a cord in me, deep in me. I kept the wrapper close, just so that someday I would be brave enough to dream big dreams…

Big dreams, life altering dreams aside, I have a simple, satisfying dream. A dream I dreamt when I was just, maybe 11 or 12, a dream I still love to think about when I feel like magic doesn’t exist anymore.

The roads curved with emerald lakes that sprinkled like glitters in the early morning sun. I was little, I was running… Through beautifully etched roads of flowers, with green hills dotted alongside.

Then there was a swirling pool, water silver with each swirl. I was sucked into it and then there was darkness… endless tunnel, with darkness. But somehow I was not afraid. And then there was light, so much of it, rays and rays of golds… and I was free falling towards white blankets.

Cold hit me. It was nature at its purest, most unsullied. White, white ground, trees coated with pure snow. Around me were misty skies, and silver mountains, wearing caps of snow dust.

It was the most beautiful place I have ever seen…

There I was, heart lit with happiness. Spinning around, dancing, whispering music.

I have a wand in my hand. Magic. I can do magic.

When I need to wash my clothes, the wand spins my clothes around in snow, and out came a white, satiny dress, dotted with snowflakes. Like a princess’.

And then I woke up, but I remember still, how that morning I was more enthusiastic than other days.

I wouldn’t have known then, that I would remember it always. After I woke up, I recollected it, every single details. I remembered it and after a decade and some, I still remember it, still remember the tiny details, the wand, the dress, the snow.

And sometimes, as if that dream was lingering in my subconscious, I would dream the same dream, with subtle differences.

And… That dream put the desire to visit a place filled with white, white snow. A dreamy, magical place, filled with heaps of snow, with song of birds and a little bit of magic only Nature is capable of creating.

I want to… Walk, a leisurely gait, without a trouble in my heart, along the snow covered path, wind whooshing, song birds singing, sun rays melting the dews on branches bent with whitish flakes….

I want to… Run, a childish giggle echoing around me, happy as a child, in a road that run alongside the snow tipped mountains, wishing wishful wishes, singing wistful songs…

I want to… Sit, in a meadow merry with nature’s music, arms loaded with snow, its coolness dripping along my fingers as I dream happy dreams, and wake up with a blooming smile…

I want to… Hold a cup of hot, hot chocolate to my cheeks, and eat long stick of chocolate biscotti, and just sit there, alone, not lonely, and enjoying the solitude, in the dreamy wake of silver moon, and sparkling stars…

I want to… Make snow angel, then lie there blissfully, with a Nora Robert book, dreaming of a dashing knight, in his dark horse racing towards me in the endless stretch of snow…

I want to… Build a port bellied, jolly snow man, with red cherry nose and wide smiling mouth, then sit there staring at it with a smile of my own…

Then when I come back to my world, I shall dream my big, big dreams — of becoming an author, of holding my paperback novel–, but I will forever hold on to the happy little smile the visit in the snow would give me!!!
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