From the diary of a murderer

From the Diary of a Murderer, Entry #2


From the Diary of a Murderer #2

Overpowering another, who is just like you (or weaker than you)… power is rather alluring and seductive, like a beautiful
woman dressed up for a date in her best and glamorous apparel. Power is everything. And I adore it.

Today, after I have taken the first soul and looked into the body for answers, I realized one thing — answers can’t be found in the dead outer vessels of people who had nothing powerful, or knowledgeable in their mind when they were alive.

I regret, my first failure. But then, we learn from failures. We evolve from failures.

She is beautiful, the woman whose body is as empty as a milk cup a cat had stolen from. Her beauty is rather alluring, but her mind… it is a waste, a useless space. Where in her body it stayed, I could not find it.

Maybe I did learn one thing — not every death has answers I look for, but every death lays me the path I need to walk, must have to walk for new discoveries. People depends on my answers.

And yes, I learnt that I love the shrilly cries of pain…

That I love the tangy, mouthwatering scent of Blood…


From Memories Of Murder, my manuscript in progress…



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